Lidix Model GL-7



Girl in a jacket

Items Description
Speed Value Counting 1200 notes/min
Fitness Sorting 1000 notes/min
Dual Serial Number Recog. 1000 notes/min
Operating Mode Piece Counting, Value Counting, Denomination Sorting,
Face & Orientation Sorting, Mixed Mode
Software Upgrade Off-line : SD Card
Interface LAN, SD Card, RS232C
Multi Currency Processing Available up to 60 Currencies
Electrical Spec. AC100~240V ~ (Free Voltage)
Dimension 1063 x 350 x 415
Specification 1) 10” Full Color LCD Touch Screen
2) Flexible Pocket configuration and Easy Operation
3) Fitness Parameter: Soil, Tape, Tear, Dog-ear, Deink, Corner,
Multi, Stain, Graffiti, Stamp
4) Sensor : Dual CIS, UV, FL, MG, IR, Ultrasonic
Options 1) Dual CIS & Quad Core System
2) Full Color Image Recognition System (as option)
3) Multi-Currency Function
4) OCR & Image of Recognition for Serial No.
5) LCMS (LIDIX Cash Management System)